First Hand Experience Part 1

Greetings, and welcome part one. I thought we’d take some time out
and I’d tell you a few stories about my experiences over the years with
online marketing that I believe will be the most valuable to know. There
is a point to this however, and even though the stories themselves are
all totally unrelated, they do give out an important message and lessons
to be learned also, everything from joint ventures to my first taste of
networking, progression at different stages down the line, and more.

First Hand Experience Part 1

There are the things that had I known

And had I learned about, it wouldn’t have taken me six or seven
years to get to where I am now, I’m confident that it would have taken
me less than a year.

If you’re reading along, and want to skip to specific story from past
experience, I’ll give you the titles of them now. Read them, take them to
heart, and you may well find yourself with the solution to a problem you
have right now, that final piece of the puzzle that you need to move your
business forward, or even a little bit of hindsight allowing you to instantly
know the solutions to particular problems, how to approach particular
situations, and of course, how to make a whole bundle of cash in the

First Hand Experience Part 1


The stories I’m going to be sharing

The stories I’m going to be sharing with you in this section are as
follows. Firstly, I’m going to tell you about a conversation I had with a
friend of mine just yesterday, that made me realize the small
percentage of success coming from my first year contacts (I don’t teach
them by the way, they do their own thing). Out of the 5% that actually
got anywhere, they all did two very important things to make sure they
made it.

In the second story, I’ll tell you a little about some of the joint venture
offers I’ve had, and the absolute worst of them all, giving you a little bit
of insight from the perspective of the people you’re approaching, which
should also show you how fragile a first contact situation of this type can

After that I’m going to talk to you a little bit about this product and the
accompanying manuals, how they came about, how they were
completed, and how much time it took to complete and why. It never
ceases to amaze me how every product created is a learning process,
and something new always comes about each time. Whether it’s ideas,
contacts, a technique, or just something that allows things to move
forward more quickly. I’ll show you what I learned and how they were
put into action, and what effect they had on my business.

Next I'll be talking about money and the processes

Next I’ll be talking about money and the processes

Next I’ll be talking about money and the processes in which you have to
prove yourself to the people in your market before they take you
seriously. I’ll show you how I almost lost a good contact, incidentally
from one of the guys that I learned all my stuff from in the early days
just by taking an attitude that seemed ok with me at the time, but it turns
out it was pretty offensive and small minded due to the fact that
successful marketers are bombarded by peoples offers and comments
and have to be wary always of the next guy in line who thinks that they’ll
make them millionaires over night.

After that, I’ll show you exactly how many of my contacts came to be.
Anyone related to online marketing (aside from my programmer, who
was hired from a freelancers site) was contacted, or contacted me in
two main ways. One doesn’t work without the other. And you know
what? Every single contact that I’ve gone to or that’s come to me in this
way is still on my list many years later. Not a single one has been lost.

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